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Tash Living is a luxury home design company. The company was established in New York City and services homeowners, architects, and builders. Tash Living helps provide clean and timeless designs rooted in architectural history and principles. Good design creates a space that inspires and promotes positive experiences. The home should be beautiful and functional for years to come.

A B O U T  M E


My name is Natasha and I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I earned a professional Bachelor's of Architecture from a nationally accredited program with a minor in Business Administration.

In 2015, I moved to Florida and practiced in a full-service interior design company that specializes in high-end luxury homes. I prepared drawings, purchase orders, and received deliveries.

In 2018, I moved to New York City and practiced in a residential architecture firm. I worked alongside my clients, prepared budgets, managed purchasing, and supervised construction.

I also love to assist clients remotely. I currently have projects in Oregon, Washington, California, and Florida.

W H Y   M E ?

I'm professionally trained in architecture and I can successfully coordinate between clients, contractors, engineers, and vendors. I focus on planning with a high level of detail to help save you time and money.


My training and education has given me a design perspective that is based in classic architecture. I design a space to be beautiful, balanced, and work for you!


I have experience working with corporate executives, professional athletes, and entertainers. Job sizes vary from 15,000 square foot properties to 1,000 square foot apartments. There isn't a job too big or too small. 

When you start a home project, you are looking for the right people to bring into your home. It's a scary decision and it's my responsibility to be honest and trustworthy with you throughout the entire process.



Every project is unique and I work with you to find the best possible path for your project and budget. Projects are quoted with combinations of flat rates, hourly fees, and commissions. 

Your project begins with a free consultation! During the consultation, I want to get to know you, your lifestyle, goals, and concerns. Let's connect and find out how I can support you and help you during your next project.

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